Fraud in Real Estate

With the advent of new technology real estate fraud is easier to commit and on the rise. Real estate escrow scams grew by $950 Million Dollars in 2017. This course will assist licensees gain an understanding of how real estate is used in fraud schemes. The class will examine traditional fraud methods including deposit scams, title fraud, and duplicated listings with a greater emphasis on more contemporary methods such as escrow and wire fraud. Upon completion of this course agents will be in a position to better protect themselves and their clients from common fraud schemes. They will also be able to provide buyers and sellers with information that will help them avoid being a victim of common fraud schemes being used today to defraud real estate consumers. 

REALTOR® Ethics - A Good Model for All

This course will assist licensees gain an understanding of how ethical behavior should be applied in their dealings with customers, clients, other licensees and the general public.

Facets of general business ethics and the Code of Ethics established by the National

Association of REALTORS® are explored as a foundation of practice. Although there are

many personal and business ethical models’ licensees may follow, the REALTOR® code

is explored as one that will provide licenses with an industry specific model that accounts

for the potential conflicts they may encounter in their various roles.  This course also meet the National Association of REALTORS® biennial ethics course requirement due December 31, 2020.

The Purchase & Sales Agreement

 This course will provide the agent with a greater understanding of the provisions and clauses contained in the Purchase & Sales Agreement most commonly used in New Hampshire. The NHAR Agreement is used as an example of one format can be used. They will have a comprehensive understanding of the impact each clause will have on the buyer and seller. This course will provide the agent with knowledge on how to answer basic questions a buyer or seller may have with respect to each clause. Upon completion of this course the agent will also understand when it is appropriate to have buyers or sellers seek legal advice with respect to standard or additional provisions contained in the contract.  

Approved 3 hr. Elective Course in N.H.

N.H. Elective Course #: E2287

Approved 3 hr. Elective Course in N.H. & Maine

N.H. Elective Course #: E2330

Maine Elective Course #: LL862C001LE

Approved 3 hr. Elective Course in N.H.

N.H. Elective Course #: E2364

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Understanding Owner's Title Insurance

This course will provide licensees with a detailed understanding of the types of title insurance policies available to homebuyers when purchasing residential real estate. The course explores the coverage extended in both the standard and enhanced owner’s title insurance policy.  Agents will also gain understanding of the cost and coverage difference between the standard and enhanced policy. They will also gain an understanding of the standard and property specifice exclusions from coverage. The various types of coverage provided in and owner's policy is illustrated through examples of actual and likely claim scenarios.

The Real Estate Game Show

This course provides information relevant to practicing real estate today delivered in a game show format. Six topic areas will be covered that are essential to the practice of Real Estate including Real Estate Commission Rules & Regulations, Lending, Title & Closing, Purchase and Sales Agreements, Other Real Estate Contracts & Fair Housing.  Attendees will be divided into two teams and each team will work together to answer a series of questions that are alternated between the teams. Once the answer has been

given the instructor will discuss why the correct answer was the appropriate choice and why alternative answers were not correct to ensure attendees fully understand the topic presented. The questions are used as a “springboard” to present a more detailed explanation of the topic areas. 

Basics of Mortgage Lending


Approved 3 hr. Elective Course in N.H.

N.H. Elective Course #: E2365